Waves of Grain Bakery
Waves of Grain Menus



Breakfast Sandwiches
Served with a side of breakfast potatoes
1. Focaccia or ciabatta, with bacon,, gorgonzola, apple butter, caramelized onions, egg
2. Sweet potato biscuit with chorizo, gouda, tomato, egg
3. Cheese biscuit, pork sausage, truffled mushrooms, swiss, egg
4. Challah or buttermilk biscuit, truffled mushrooms or caramelized onions, sauteed kale, havarti, egg

Or, build your own sandwich:
Choose 1 biscuit or bread, 1 meat, 1 cheese, and 1 egg
1 biscuit or bread, 1 veggie, 1 cheese and 1 egg
1 biscuit or bread, 1 cheese, and 1 egg

Biscuit/bread options: your choice of biscuit or bread
Meat options: House made chorizo or pork sausage, bacon
Veggie Options: Truffled mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomato
Cheese options: Cheddar, swiss, gouda
Egg options: Fried, over medium or scrambled

Biscuits & Gravy House specialty! Served with a side of breakfast potatoes Add an egg on top, Yum! Biscuit options: Buttermilk, cheese, or sweet potato Choice of gravy: Pork, Chorizo, or Veggie herb.
*sweet potato biscuits and buttermilk biscuits are available upon request.

Two Egg Breakfast Add seasonal veggies, chorizo, pork sausage, or bacon to two eggs (scrambled or fried), breakfast potatoes & a biscuit or toast.

Scrambles Three eggs, with chef’s daily choice of ingredients, vegetarian or meat options. Comes with a buttermilk biscuit or toast.

French Toast Challah with seasonal fruit and seasonal compote.

Loaded Breakfast Potatoes Breakfast potatoes, with bacon, cheddar, your choice of gravy, And a fried egg on top.

Quiche Baked in hand rolled puff pastry, veggie and meat options daily.

Oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans and topped with jam and granola.

Granola W/ Milk & Fruit The best way to kick start your morning. Available with yogurt, almond or soy milk.


Served with chips. Available to add soup or a salad

Turkey Sandwich House roasted turkey, mango bacon chutney, Dijon aioli, Havarti, tomato, lettuce, red onion, on focaccia or challah.

Beef & Brie Sandwich Tri-tip, horseradish aioli, caramelized onions, and brie on focaccia or challah.

Ham Sandwich Ham, gouda, dijon aioli, red onion, tomatoes, spring mix on focaccia, or challah.

Veggie Sandwich Hummus, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumbers, carrot, red onion, and spring mix on focaccia or challah.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Served on challah or wheat bread.

House Salad House vinaigrette, Spring mix, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, red onion, sunflower seeds, parmesan, and puff pastry croutons.

Fruit Salad Fresh, seasonal fruit drizzled with honey.

Wheat Berry Salad Made with Hill family wheat, fresh veggies, and feta.

Soup Of The Day Served with our daily bread.




Scones Not your average scone. Moist and decadent, with a sprinkling of sugar on top. Offered in a rotating variety of flavors, including blueberry, chocolate orange, lemon poppyseed, marionberry, cranberry almond, currant orange, raspberry almond, cranberry white chocolate, chocolate cherry and cranberry pecan

Tillamook Cheese Biscuits Our biscuits are an addicting combination of cheddar, scallions, and black pepper mixed into a cloudlike biscuit.
*sweet potato biscuits and buttermilk biscuits are available upon request.

Willie Biscuits A melt in your mouth buttermilk or sweet potato biscuit with a dollop of jam in the middle, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Delicious!

Cinnamon Rolls We keep them simple with a sweet, rich dough, cinnamon sugar spread, and just the right amount of icing.

Sticky Buns We start with our sweet brioche dough, roll pecans all the way through, then we bake it in a caramel glaze with more pecans on top for good measure.

Brioche This soft dough is a rich, buttery dream of a pastry. Our selection of brioche is always a best seller. Varieties include apple butter, cream cheese, Belgian chocolate, and marionberry.

Bohemian Buns The same as the sticky buns with pecans, almonds, oats and coconut on top.

Fruit Streusel Muffins These muffins are rich and sweet, with the perfect combination of crunchy topping and mouth watering berries. Offered in blueberry, marionberry, raspberry, or peach with other fruit combos showing up periodically.

Bran Muffins The best way to kick start your morning. We add raisins and dark roast coffee to this morning standard, then dip them in a rich espresso glaze. They’re habit forming.

Spelt Muffins Dairy free, refined sweetener free, wheat free and guilt free, these delicious muffins are a great healthy option. And we wouldn’t make them unless they tasted great, too!

*Spelt is an ancient grain that is very low in gluten and very high in iron and fiber. Spelt is easer for our bodies to digest and absorb the nutrients. It tastes similar to whole wheat flour.

Pecan Crumb Coffee Cake It smells and tastes like heaven. Moist and delicious, especially when paired with a cup of Stumptown or Coava coffee.

Cheese Sticks Parmesan cheese, garlic and a bit of paprika baked to crisp perfection inside our rich buttery puff pastry. They’re good morning noon or night.

Quick Breads By the loaf or by the slice, our flavor combinations are irresistible. Try pumpkin, cranberry orange, lemon blueberry, marionberry pound cake

Hill’s Granola A healthy addition to your regimen. Nuts, oats, whole grains, flax seeds, and dried fruit baked with honey, molasses, and maple make for a great start. Buy here with some yogurt or milk, then buy it by the pound to take home.

Cookies Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Oatmeal, Shortbread, Ginger Molasses, Pecan Praline and Brownie Cookies are our daily offerings, with specialty cookies around the holidays, and when inspired.

Cookie Tray Customize your tray with our array of tasty cookies in a party size. Sure to make any event a hit!

Breakfast Pastry tray Mix and match a variety of mini sized scones, biscuits, muffins, quick breads, and coffee cake. The best way to awaken a crowd!

Dessert tray What better way to impress than with miniature tarts, cupcakes, bars, brownies and anything else you can think up arranged with elegance in mind.





Cheesecake Our cheesecake is the whole package from the shortbread crust to the eye catching toppings, not to mention the flavor and texture of the cheesecake itself.

Ginger Florentines Our twist on a classic cookie. Similar to almond brittle, our Florentines include crystallized ginger to tingle your taste buds and a chocolate painted bottom to complete the package.

Cream Cheese Bars We start with our shortbread cookie crust, add a layer of sweet jam then we spread fluffy cheesecake and top it off with a buttery cinnamon streusel. Don’t worry they eat themselves. Flavors include marionberry, raspberry, Oregon strawberry and lemon blueberry.

Crème Brulee Vanilla beans speckle our smooth custard topped with the perfect crunch of torched sugar. Also offered in infused flavors like chai, bergamot earl grey, jasmine green tea and lilac black tea.

Pots de Crème The Belgian chocolate in this elevated chocolate pudding will cure any problems you have…really.

Swedish Crème Berries and cream dance on your tongue in this cup of goodness

Flourless Coconut Tart This beautiful tart will bring out the coconut lover in everyone. We use coconut milk for the cream filling and macaroon cookie for the crust, then top it off with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of toasted coconut to make it a coconut extravaganza.

Lemon Tart our sweet, melt in your mouth crust pairs perfectly with our fresh lemon curd and a garnish of berries.

Key Lime Tart The ginger molasses cookie crust compliments the fresh lime flavor, creating an unforgettable twist on an old favorite.

Fruit Tart These wonderful tarts change toppings with the season, but stay beautiful and delicious all year round.

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Rich chocolate, Stumptown coffee and a generous amount of ganache make our chocolate cake an experience to remember

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Our cream cheese frosting takes this moist cake to another level. Can be made with whole wheat or spelt flour

Almond Chiffon Cake with Whipped Cream A cake in a class of its own. Light and sweet with fresh fruit atop a cloud of sweet whip cream.

Coconut Cake coconut pastry cream, sweet whip cream and chiffon cake make a perfect cloud of cake

Lemon Cake layers of fresh lemon curd, sweet whip cream and chiffon cake hug you with flavor

48 hours notice on dessert special orders

Almost anything can be made with 1 week notice

*Most of our desserts need to be refrigerated. Keep this in mind when ordering.

*We do not write on cakes due to the type of frosting that we use. We use edible flowers and berries on all of our cakes and guarantee that our cakes are as festive and beautiful as they are delicious.




Multigrain Our own blend of whole grains mixed with our Hill family wheat milled in house will satisfy even the healthiest nut.

Ciabatta Chewy, rich and complex, this traditional Italian bread is wonderful with anything.

Honey Wheat Our house milled flour is kissed with honey making this wholesome bread soft and moist. Kids love it!

Challah Traditional and delicious natural white egg bread.

Focaccia Olive oil and rosemary tickle the taste buds with this rustic delight.

We see ourselves as a quality Northwest coffee establishment. Therefore we take our coffee craftsmanship seriously. We have chosen Coava coffee as our rosters. All of our baristas are trained extensively to provide our customers with a top notch, expertly roasted and brewed custom cup of drip or specialty coffee.

We love our tea selection, freshly blended by passionate and knowledgeable tea lovers at Strand Tea in sandy Oregon. For our chai, we use Dragonfly Chai, made in small batches right here in Portland. Our tea list has choices for every palate.


A NOTE ABOUT GLUTEN : We like to say we are a 'gluten free' friendly bakery. However, that doesn’t mean that we are a gluten free bakery. We try not to leave the gluten sensitive out of the fun, so we add a few options into the pastry case every day that cater to those who might not be able to eat wheat flour. Most of these are in the dessert case (more bang for your buck!)
We offer many low gluten options, made with spelt flour, which we have found to be easily digested by many of our customers. We don’t make anything just for the sake of doing it. If we put it in our pastry case, we need to stand behind its quality as well as its ingredients. So far, gluten is winning. When we develop recipes that hold an equal standard to our traditional pastries, they will make it into our menu. Until then, we suggest moderation.

: One of the cornerstones of our bakery is to use the best balance of local, fresh, organic, fair trade, and quality products available to us. Although this may be following a trend for some, we live by the philosophy that we may not be able to change the world but we can make our corner of it healthy and economically responsible.
Because everything in our bakery is made from scratch, we have considerable control over what goes into everything we make. We consider our selection of ingredients to be an extension of our skill and creativity. We take pride in keeping our business as local as possible and insisting that freshness and flavor are at the forefront of everything we make.