Waves of Grain Bakery, South end of Cannon Beach, Oregon
Waves of Grain Bakery, South end of Cannon Beach, Oregon
About Waves of Grain Bakery

Waves of Grain Bakery was started in the summer of 2006, by Jason and Hillary Fargo. The Fargos met while working together at the NW Portland location of Music Millennium in 1998.

After several years of dating in Portland, the Fargos decided to pack it up and head east, to explore the country. They ended up in Asheville, North Carolina, where they quickly discovered their mutual love of baking. They worked in many different kitchens in North Carolina, sometimes together, and sometimes apart. The two knew that they preferred working together.

The years spent in North Carolina showed the Fargos that their hearts were in Oregon, and that’s where they needed to be. After spending time planning to open the bakery, they started searching the Oregon coast for the right location. Fate and good timing led the Fargos to a small cottage one block from the beach in Cannon Beach. They spent several months getting the cottage ready for business, then opened the bakery with just the two of them, and on the weekends, Hillary’s mom, in August of 2006.

The Fargo’s passion and creativity quickly outgrew the tiny cottage, so they decided that their popularity justified an extensive remodel and expansion of the bakery kitchen and menu. In June of 2007, Waves of Grain reopened to swarms of summer vacationers and a loyal army of loyal locals. The bakery spent the next seven years, happily providing delectable pastries, breads, and desserts to the North Coast, while their top notch reputation spread to Portland, Seattle, and nationally via Gourmet magazine, Mix magazine, Roadfood.com, among other publications.

In September 2013, the Fargos and Waves of Grain were at a crossroads that convinced them that pursuing opportunities in Portland was the best decision for the future and happiness of their business and family. Again, fate and good timing led Jason and Hillary to their exciting new location on East Burnside Street.

In 2014 Waves of Grain relocated to Portland, OR.

The new space allows them to implement the brunch and lunch menus that had been on hold, due to a lack of space in the tiny beach cottage. A full kitchen, expanded seating and the excitement of moving into a neighborhood known as “foodie row,” has the Fargos inspired to build Waves of Grain Bakery into a Portland culinary fixture for years to come.


: At the heart of every good bakery there is flour. Flour is in almost everything we do along with the family history that Hillary has in Pendleton ranching. The Hill family ranch is a fourth generation ranch that produces wheat, soy and canola on tranitional (to organic) fields. Also, Hillary’s grandfather Jim Hill Jr. was the president of the Pendleton Grain Growers for many critical years for agriculture in Eastern Oregon. Hillary’s second cousin, Fritz Hill and his son Jason, set aside wheat from the harvest that is then delivered by other available family members from Pendleton to Portland. When it arrives, it is in wheatberry form, ready to be milled into fresh flour. We mill it twenty cups at a time, and use it as whole wheat in some of our pastries and all of our wheat bread. When a recipe calls for white flour we choose to use a wonderful group of farmers out of western Washington called Shepherd’s Grain.

We guarantee that everything in our bakery is free of hydrogenated oils and preservatives. We use local and organic ingredients as much as possible, and we always choose butter over shortening.

We are easily inspired bakers. Therefore, to fit all of the pastries we love to make on one menu would be an impossible task. If you need something special, ask what else we can do.

As a courtesy, please call with at least 24 hours notice on special orders.